Coaching Classes mppsc

Sharma Academy is a top platform to take MPPSC coaching classes in Indore. The teaching pedagogy adopted here is uniquely suited to the highly inquisitive minds present here. Experience is always a great teacher, and this is what the instructors here always look to share with the students.

Effective Learning

There is no doubt that the goal of every student studying through coaching classes in Indore for MPPSC and others is learning, but our instructors provide more than just knowledge. The instructor and the institute’s environment play roles in creating an effective learner who works actively and strategically. The student learns to be cooperative and uses knowledge to become a great Government Officer in the future.

Chasing Your Dream

For many candidates, cracking an IAS-level exam such as MPPSC (Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission) is a matter of great prestige. It’s a dream come true, and such a dream can be best realized with the help of MPPSC classes in Indore. Those who want to live and grow in the city of Madhya Pradesh would be most interested to give this exam since it is the top most state-level examination.

The status of Government jobs have been elevated tremendously over the last few years. Government officials are now held responsible for completion of their duties, and transparency is also higher. When coupled with job security and attractive salaries in an uncertain economy, it is not surprising that so many candidates apply for MPPSC every year.

Doubt Clearing Sessions and Tips

Simply gaining bookish knowledge is not enough to get through to the next level of MPPSC. Much of the knowledge, especially information related to Current Affairs, has to be debated at times. These debates lead to several doubts in the minds of aspirants, for which we organize special doubt clearing sessions. The instructors at Sharma Academy are patient enough to give each student time here.

In addition to the above, several exam preparation tips are also helpful for the students. Stress is always at a high level during the preparation period, and our aim at Sharma Academy is to keep it under check. However, we are not saying that stress should be eliminated completely since a certain amount is necessary to perform well at MPPSC classes in Indore. Many of these tips are provided by our toppers, who we keep inviting from time to time. We hold mock tests to help students realize their competency, and increase it over time.

Why Sharma Academy?

There is no doubt that in today’s competitive world, a student can score better than the competition and get a higher rank in MPPSC only through a coaching centre. However, considering the large number of centers that have opened in the last few years, it makes sense to choose one which has been around for long. Sharma Academy has more than a decade of experience in IAS, having been started by Surendra Sharma back in 2010. The aim has always been to ignite the best minds, which our experienced instructors can do. To know more, all you need to do is go through the success stories of our previous students here and see the path towards your dreams.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest information in General Studies is our job. Our instructors make sure they share the latest developments with the candidates, and syllabus is revised accordingly. In other words, the best way to put your money and time towards IAS is to invest in our MPPSC classes in Indore.wq

More about the MPPSC Exam

As mentioned earlier, MPPSC is meant to recruit candidates for positions in Government offices and departments within Madhya Pradesh. Even after being separated from Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh is still a very large state, which means it requires highly capable administrative officers. The MPPSC exam takes place at three levels to choose candidates for posts such as:

  • District Food Distribution Officer
  • Block Development Officer (BDO)
  • Assistant Commissioner
  • Regional Traffic Officer
  • District Minority Welfare Officer
  • Deputy Collector
  • Assistant Police Officer (DSP)

The three stages of MPPSC are:

  • 1. Preliminary Exams (Prelims)
  • 2. Mains
  • 3. Interview

The Prelims consist of two papers- Paper I (General Studies) and Paper II (General Aptitude). 100 objective questions have to be answered in each of these papers, and total marks for both are 200. Being before the Main exam, this is not the one on the basis of which the merit list is decided. Instead, it is a precursor for the Mains, to help students understand how much more they need to study, or how they can tweak their strategies better. This is exactly where MPPSC coaching classes in Indore from Sharma Academy come into the picture.

Although the qualifying benchmark for Paper II in the Prelims is 33%, students get promoted to give the Mains only on the basis of marks in Paper I. The question paper can be viewed in both Hindi and English. Students are given OMR sheets to tick their answers.

Compared to the Prelims, the pattern for the Mains is completely different. There are a total of six papers here that are named I to VI, and these are based on ranking. The best part here is that there is no negative marking in MPPSC. Candidates have to score at least 40% in every paper to move to the next round. Each paper is for 300 marks except for the last, and the Mains exam is held over six days.

Final Round- The Interview

175 marks are allocated to this round, and this is the one that ultimately finalizes if a candidate has what it takes to get into a Government office or not. This is a personal interview round where the interview panel asks general information about city, state, education, hobbies, and anything else. Our duty at Sharma Academy is to provide students with the confidence to face such an interview. We take pride in maintaining the highest standards of coaching to ensure our students realise their dream.